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Using Asana Like a BOSS

This guide contains two videos on how to use Asana at Argyle. The first is a more general overview of how to use Asana, and the second video is more detailed in how to create an awesome Asana task. Check out these two guides for help with Asana!

How to Use Asana #

In this video, Nikol will teach you how to use Asana. You may have received an email instructing you to create an account. Once you’re in, she’ll show you how to navigate the interface, view projects and tasks, and tag collaborators. She’ll also explain how to add sub-tasks and create separate tasks for yourself. Additionally, she’ll cover task details, descriptions, comments, and uploading files.

Finally, she’ll show you how to use the inbox, search for tasks and projects, and record your hours.

Let’s get started!

How to create an awesome Asana Task #

“Asana is pretty straight forward, but how exactly should I create a task while following standard procedures at Argyle?”

If you find yourself asking this, watch this video where Jon shows exactly what should be included when creating tasks. There’s more to just filling in task fields – check with the assignee, confirm due dates, and (most importantly for our accountant) is it added to a billable project?!

This is a watch for Project Managers!

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