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Posting a blog on

Watch the Tutorial Video

Follow along in this Loom Video as Logan shows us how to properly post a blog to

Logan provides a tutorial on how to post a blog on The key steps involved in posting a blog are as follows:

  1. Access the post for editing by going to the WordPress editor.
  2. Convert the blocks for editing and add spacers for formatting.
  3. Copy the headline and create an alternate headline with italics.
  4. Ensure there’s a featured image assigned to the post.
  5. Add an excerpt from the blog content.
  6. Format the blog content using text-based patterns and spacers.
  7. Adjust section titles and alignments as needed.
  8. Include images and edit the gallery if necessary.
  9. Check and link products to the post.
  10. Test the appearance of the blog post on the live site.
  11. Make final adjustments and formatting as needed.

Logan also mentions using various formatting options within the WordPress editor and advises experimenting with different patterns for content presentation. The tutorial is aimed at assisting users in effectively creating and formatting blog posts on

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