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Creating an image based email

Argyle frequently works with well designed, perfectly branded newsletters. However, email clients like Gmail, Outlook (ooooohhhhh Outlook….) and Apple Mail all render emails differently. What are we to do then to display nice fonts? Consistent padding? Background images? Hahahaha – good luck trying to get an html email to render consistently for all clients.

What are our options then? Make it all images stacked right up on top of each other! Below are some videos explaining how to create image based emails in a variety of clients. If an Email Service Provider is not listed below, don’t worry. These steps should be fairly consistent between each platform!

How to create an image based email in MailChimp #

This video guide walks you through how to create an image based email in MailChimp, so that a well designed and perfectly branded email campaign renders consistently across all email clients.

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