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Phil’s My Pharmacist – Blog Posting Check List

Follow this guide when you are publishing a blog to In addition to standard post fields in WordPress, there are certain settings and other considerations to review before hitting that Publish button.

Gather assets before composing the blog #

  • Transcribe a video from Phil and plug it into ChatGPT to create a blog
  • Proofread the blog it comes up with (change the title, they often seem very AI-generated). We should never trust AI to make accurate content.
  • Go to Phil’s Amazon storefront and find the products mentioned in the blog (use the search bar on the storefront and look up the blog topic to find products more easily)
  • Featured image: take a screenshot of the video that will work as a blog cover, if you are having trouble because text is in the way, ask Katie or Aly for help. 
  • Gather the links to those products and send a product cutout request to MHS. *Image MUST be 600×600 and use ALL canvas space

Posting the blog to  #

  • Once you have received all assets, log in to WP Engine, find, and select WP Admin
  • Then, on the left side, select “posts” and then, “add new post” 
  • Paste the blog copy in the copy section
    • Almost all the time ChatGPT will add “Introduction:” and “Conclusion:” remove those
    • Also, sometimes ChatGPT will have the headings with the copy bullet pointed underneath, remove the bullet points- you can look at previous blogs to look at the format 
  • Blog headings should all be H3 
  • Add spacers between paragraphs and headings (again look at previous blogs if you need to) the spacer height should be 25px 
  • On the right side of the screen, you will see a box that says “post | block” switch it to post and make sure the author is listed as Phil Cowley
    • In this same box assign the blog a category 
    • Also, add the featured image
    • You will also need to add an excerpt, take the first paragraph under the title, and paste it into the excerpt box 
  • Next, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the video and “Shop this post” toggle 
  • Turn on the video toggle and upload the video 

Configuring the “Shop This Post” section #

  • If there are fewer than 5 products in the post turn on the “less than 5 products” toggle 
  • Hit “add item” and upload the product image from MHS 
  • Then add the title of the product 
  • Finally, add the product link:
  • Login to url genius – find info on our login doc
  • Grab the link to the product *MUST be from his Amazon storefront- affiliate link
  • Copy that link into URL Genius and it will create a shortened link
  • Paste that link under the item it belongs to in the “Shop this post” section  

Finalize post publishing, review, and approval! #

  • When you think you are done, make sure the double check that everything is correct (headings, products, links working, etc.)
    • When you save as a draft you can check the preview of the post to see how it will look on the website
  • Once all of these steps are completed, save the post as a draft 
  • Tell a team member (Logan, Aly, or Katie) when you have saved the draft, they will review it and tell you if it is ready to post! 

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