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Intern/Co-Op Onboarding Document

Welcome to Argyle! We’re thrilled to have you on board for your internship. This onboarding document will provide you with a clear understanding of our company, expectations, and resources to help you get started smoothly.

General Information #

Internship/Co-Op Program Overview #

  • Duration of Internship: 6 months
  • Number of Internship Rounds Per Year: 2
  • Work Hours: At least 25 hours per week during business hours (flexible on which days).
  • Meetings: Attend morning (9:30 am EST) and end-of-day (5 pm EST) meetings on working days.
  • Goals: Gain practical experience in marketing and project management.
  • Structure: Attend meetings, receive tasks via Asana, notify the lead upon task completion for review, ask for additional work, propose work, and ideate with the team.

Schedule and Working Hours #

  • Time: Minimum 25h per week.
  • Working Hours: 9 am – 5 pm EST.
  • Break Times: Flexible, aligned with task management.
  • Time Off: Co-ops may miss up to 2 weeks of work days if Argyle is notified in advance.
    • Please give your manager at least 2 weeks’ notice for planned trips/vacations. Days taken with less than 2 weeks’ notice need to be made up within a 2-week period. 
    • Please notify Nikol by email to of future absences and put them on your Argyle Google calendar. 
    • Please go through your assigned tasks and comment on them to let your manager know which you will complete while away and which you will not be able to complete and need to be reassigned.

Key Contacts #

  • Mentor/Supervisor: Nikol and other department leads.
  • Emergency Contact:
    • Nikol (832-382-8342,
    • Logan (609-335-5489,

Company Culture and Values #

  • Culture: Respectful, prompt, and professional.
  • Values: Treat everyone equally, welcome ideas, and emphasize quality work.
  • Initiative: Display initiative, willingness to learn, and take on responsibilities.
  • Self-Management: Communicate, self-manage, and handle tasks effectively.

Dress Code #

  • Attire: Casual attire; smart casual for client meetings.
  • Presentation: While we are a work-from-anywhere company, we expect you to show up to meetings and look prepared for work.

Communication Guidelines #

  • Team meetings: Be ready, awake, and responsive in team meetings. Camera must be on for team meetings.
  • Responsiveness: Promptly respond to messages and meeting invites within 2h.
  • Asana Tasks: Tag lead for task reviews or questions in Asana.
  • Urgent Communication: Directly message lead for time-sensitive issues within Google Chat. Make a note on Asana Comments of any updates related to project progress, timeline change, or problems. 
  • Communicate effectively: We rather you overshare and give context rather than keep things quiet. If you do not know something – let us know. If you don’t have the full details to complete a task then ask before starting the task.
  • If something is wrong: Let us know if something is not going right – we do not want a deadline to be missed or to end up with only 24h to try to figure out a solution. As soon as there is a problem that you are not able to solve within 15 minutes of trying, please notify a lead. Additionally, if you see a problem/error during your time of completing a task (ex: you are uploading blogs but notice a website page on the site is showing a 404 error) then notify a team lead immediately.
  • Client Interaction: Maintain professionalism and courtesy. Follow your Lead’s direction.

Workspace and Equipment #

  • Workspace: Personal computer from anywhere.
  • Equipment: Use your personal computer and phone; no company-provided equipment.

Tools and Software #

  • Tools: Asana, Google Drive,, Adobe, iCloud, Loomly, Gmail.
  • Access: Instructions provided as needed.
  • Chrome: Please perform your work through Chrome (not Safari) as it works best with our tools. When working, you need to be logged into 1 Chrome profile only, which is your Argyle profile. Sign out of personal Google Chrome profiles. If you’re signed into 2 or more profiles at once, it will always load as your primary profile.
  • Google Suite: Please log into your Argyle profile. Save files in our drive under the appropriate client folders with “Argyle Interactive – Edit” access to everything. Add your schedule, any vacation, and work meetings to your Argyle Google calendar.

Projects and Responsibilities #

  • Projects: Assigned by the lead.
  • Potential Projects: Content creation, graphic design, ideation, website upkeep, AI prompting, scheduling, and project management.

Training and Development #

  • Resources: Access online resources and training provided by leads. 
  • We expect you to learn and grow, Google is a great resource for learning new skills and first searches for answers. If you do not find an answer after looking within 20 minutes, ask a lead. 
  • Ask when resources are needed or if you need to learn a skill.

Code of Conduct #

  • Expectations: Professional behavior, inclusivity, and respect. Self-starter that seeks out new projects and proposes ideas/improvements
  • Intolerance: Zero tolerance for prejudice, harassment, or malicious behavior. 
  • Privacy: You will be provided with privileged information from clients – you are expected to keep it private.

Attendance and Punctuality #

  • Meetings: Attend meetings with the camera turned on during working days.
  • Communication: Respond promptly to messages and meeting invites.

Benefits and Perks #

  • Flexibility: Complete work within weekly hours, a flexible schedule. You can choose to work a minimum of 3 full days during the work week or several partial days.
  • PTO: Happy to work with you for needed days off; notify the team, Nikol and Logan, with at least 2 weeks notice for planned trips and vacations. Sick days can be taken but need to be made up on other days of the week.
  • Dress Code: Casual attire most days.
  • Rewards: Opportunity to earn a percentage of total billing for bringing in business (10%).

House Rules #

  • Respect: Maintain respectful behavior; no prejudice, sexism, racism, etc.
  • Attendance: Complete weekly hours; no unexcused/notified absences.
  • Deadlines: Prioritize client deadlines; communicate issues in advance.
  • Property: Responsible use of company equipment and supplies. Use of personal equipment for day-to-day work.
  • Disruption: Avoid disruptions during meetings.
  • Networking: Attend at least 1 networking event or educational experience per quarter.
  • Client Emails: CC supervisor in all client emails.
  • Termination: Return company assets upon termination and/or end of co-op.

Onboarding Set-up #

  • Argyle Account:
    • Request access from Logan 2 weeks prior to co-op start date.
    • Set up General Email, Asana Account, Gmail Chat team conversations, 
    • Request Google Drive, Asana, MyCloud, and other necessary Access.
  • Software Requirements:
    • Install role-specific software and familiarize yourself.
      • Content Creator/Social Media:
        • Loomly – install
        • Graphic Design Programs (Adobe + Adobe XD) – install
        • Video Editing Programs (CapCut) – install
        • LinkTree and Solo – learn 
        • – install
        • Loom – install
      • Graphic Designer:
        • Graphic Design Programs (Adobe + Adobe XD) – install
        • Video Editing Programs (CapCut) – install
        • – install
        • Loom – install
      • Web Development
        • – install
        • WordPress Engine – learn 
        • Elementor – learn 
        • Loom – install
  • Training Session:
    • Attend a 1-day training session with a supervisor.
  • Intro Email:
    • Send an introduction email to
  • Social Media:
    • Follow and Like Argyle’s official social media accounts.
  • Phone Number:
    • Text your cell number and name to Logan and Nikol.
  • Email Signature:
    • Adjust your work email signature according to company style. (screenshot example of Logan’s signature)
      Name | Position
      c: Cell
  • Review Argyle Documents:
    • Familiarize yourself with Client Document Brand Manuals – HERE.

FAQs #

  • Common Questions and Answers: Not provided. Please ask and we shall add them.

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