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Submitting design work to Argyle’s design partners

When working with one of Argyle’s design partners, we have a standard procedure for submitting design requests. Follow this guide to be able to effectively submit work to our design partners!

Go to Designer Asana Team for specific client #

In an Asana team that corresponds to a client at Argyle, you should see a “Design by [Designer Name] – [Client Name]” project.

Create a design task with a creative brief #

Within this project create a task for our design partner, ensuring to include a design brief. A design brief will usually be a google doc or writen within the task description itself. All design tasks must have tasks descriptions starting with the below:

Due date: 
Details or Copy:

The task’s due date and the due date noted in the task description should be the same. Noting these details in the task’s description allows for easy transfer to our design partner’s task management system.

When the task is filled out with a due date and full design brief, comment at the designer (ex. @designer_asana_user) in this project that the brief is ready, and to confirm the timeline of the task is feasible and the deliverable will be ready for review by selected due date.

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