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General Things To Know:

Welcome! We are excited to partner up with you.

Just a few final things before we start taking over the world together…

Client Communication:

Email is the best way to get in contact with our team. Expect a response within 1-2 business days during our Monday to Friday operating hours, between 9 am and 5 pm EST. We are always happy to jump on a phone call or a video chat – and know that sometimes they are a necessary step to iron out the details – but please keep in mind that this time is billable.

Project Timelines and Billable Time:

Hourly Agreement: Argyle has a 4-hour minimum to ensure we reserve time in our calendar for your project. Time reserved with Argyle is a minimum and can go over depending on project complexity and additional project requests.

Any time pasty your reserved minimum will be billed accordingly within our rate breakdown:

Time Rollover: purchase billable time does not roll over to the following months and must be used within the booked month.

General Project Timelines: The following is a general breakdown of the estimated minimum time required per submitted project for our most common services. Depending on the number of projects and complexity, additional time may be required.

Approvals and Delays:

If no enhancements are sent by the client before the specified deadline, Argyle will proceed with the implementation/publishing of the project to ensure services are rendered. Any enhancements sent after the deadline will cause either a delay in the project and/or additional billable time to implement changes to the finished product.

Feedback Guidelines:

Helpful Feedback:

Unhelpful Feedback:

Staying In Touch:

Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media @argyleinteractive to keep us with all the exciting projects we work on! 

In addition to the above essentials we ask you to stay subscribed to our client newsletter for the most crucial updates to our clients, trends we spotted, and more.


Invoices are sent out at the end of each working month containing a bill for the number of hours used. Clients will be billed the minimum number of agreed-upon hours each month regardless of how many hours of work are performed. Clients will be billed $175/hour until they reach 10 hours per month – then clients are billed $160/hr. When clients reach 15 hours billed in any month, each hour will be billed at $150.

Stay in the Loop

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