Business Solutions Beyond Expectations



Optimized sites, designed to perform on all devices.

Basic to Advanced Landing Pages

Great for special offers, quick submissions, or event registration, landing pages quickly get the message across while enabling a multitude of features and actions.


Fully responsive designs ensure a pleasant experience for users on all devices.

Web Applications

Reduce paperwork and increase efficiency by integrating reliable and accessible web apps into your organization's existing ERP or CRM.


Beautifully display your inventory and sell more product by providing a comfortable shopping experience for your customers with secure payment processing.

Content Management System

Whether you prefer WordPress or a custom solution, our solutions allow you to edit website content anytime without the assistance of a web developer.

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Reliable & secure, 24-7-365

Moderate Aesthetic Updates

Reasonable updates to keep your website modern.

Payment Processing & Security

All websites are SSL certified and encrypted for secure payment processing.

Web & Domain Hosting

Dedicated servers to ensure fast, reliable, and secure web hosting.

Site Backup and Restore

In the unfortunate case of a loss of any data, Argyle has a backup readily available to restore the site at any time.

Domain Privacy

Maintain your complete privacy and prevent marketing companies from obtaining your contact information from your domain registrations.

Response Team

Argyle provides a tech support team to ensure the site maintains optimal performance.

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Increasing Google rankings is a priority in every campaign.


Keyword-driven content, meta descriptions, title tags, page titles, image tags, site-maps, load speed, and other technical search factors. We address all of these intricacies to ensure optimal ranking.


Link-building, off-site media mentions, link repair, and more. These alignments boost web credibility.


Optimize your web traffic to maximize sales.

A/B Testing

Test and compare multiple versions of web pages to identify the one with the highest performance and conversion rate.

Full-stream Analytics

An in-depth analysis, from start to finish, on your website conversion funnel.

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Make an impact with your brand.

Logo and Tagline

Unique logo and tagline creation, aligned with brand goals and values.

Color Scheme and Typeface

Custom color palette and typeface collection.

Brand Identity

Visual and aesthetic expression of a brand which includes name, logo, communications, experience, and uniformity standards throughout all mediums.

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Our strong relationships with reliable printers will guarantee you the utmost quality.

Branding Materials

Branded business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.

Promotional Materials

Large signs, retractable banners, and custom promotional pieces

Booklets/Brochures, Flyers, Posters

Any size, length, paper quality, specialty.

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Don't waste marketing dollars; know your customers.

Competitor Analysis

Reverse engineer emails from competitors' / partners' social followings for direct email marketing and targeted social advertising.

Audience Insights

Create a granular audience profile based on demographics, location, interests, etc. in order to help direct advertising campaigns to the right customers.

Influencer Analysis

Identify the most influential users within each following based on its reach and the strength of its reach.

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Captivating content that positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

Social Posts

Digital graphics for social media posts, visually aligned with the highest response rates per platform.


Articles focused on topics relevant to client’s industry, target market, and current events.

eBook Creation

Custom-designed eBook and downloadable pages on website.


Graphics designed in-house with information displayed in a fun, shareable, easy-to-digest fashion.

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Say the right thing, at the right time, and look awesome doing it.

Page Construction and Management

Complete setup and maintenance of all social media pages, including social handle suggestions, as well as cover and profile photos.

Content Management

Social media strategy to engage target audience on all relevant platforms.


Earn the "Very Responsive" badge by maintaining a response time average of less than 5 minutes and a minimum of 90% response rate.

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Target your market, reach your customers, convert your sales.

Advanced Targeting

In-depth analysis of target market, key influencers, and competitor demographics.

Social Media Ads

Innovatively designed targeted ads across various social media platforms, that drive traffic to your site.

Paid Search

Advertise within the sponsored listings of a search engine or a partner site.


All digital properties are pixelated to track engaged users allowing continuous targeting.

Snapchat Geofilters

Branded filters that cover the event's geographic area to enable attendees to spread your message while sharing their experience.

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Targeted emails that engage your audience.


Series of segmented promotional email blasts to stay in touch with subscribers.

Segmenting Lists

Simultaneous email campaigns to maximize effectiveness through targeting.

Automated Emails

Branded templates that are promptly sent out for event registrations and reminders, order confirmations, downloadables, etc.

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Capture the moment, share the experience.

Live Coverage

Real-time video streaming on social media.

Promotional / Recap Videos

On-site video production team and post-produced video content for events. Access to drone footage, animations, and mastered post-production.

Abbreviated Social Content

Short, captioned videos to share messages with high effectiveness.

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Connect the dots to achieve your goal.

Supplemental Communications

Working closely with your communications department, providing your business with our expertise in website development, graphic design, and content marketing.

Event Promotion

360-degree marketing promotions including, but not limited to, website, social media, print, and email, leading up to an event and full coverage for all local events related to client initiatives.

Product Initiatives - ex. Kickstarter, Retail Placement, Packaging

Ensure your products have the competitive edge for specific campaigns such as Kickstarters, retail placement, press, etc.

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