The Importance of Utilizing Video Content For Your Business

Learn how to utilize videos in your marketing plan to step up your content marketing game with more engaging content!

Including video content in a marketing plan is essential in today’s digital world. As consumers have more places to view content, grabbing their attention will continue to be a challenge. 

Utilizing video to advertise for your business will not only help to increase your brand awareness, but it will keep consumers engaged. In fact, 87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI, and 81% of marketers report that video has improved their company’s bottom line. 

As more businesses and brands continue to realize the benefits of video, the demand for good content will continue to rise. Learning how to add video to your marketing plan will help set you apart from your competition!

Show Don’t Tell

When it comes to storytelling we’re all familiar with books, blogs, photos, music, and video. The great thing about telling a story through video is the fact that it is a combination of multiple different forms of media. 

By putting together a strong script, good music, and great visuals brands and creators can put together impressive videos that tell an impactful story. Telling a good story helps brands not only build a community, but create a strong connection, and grab attention. 

By crafting a good story, brands can create entertaining and informative content that keeps consumers engaged from start to finish.

Grab Attention

Hooking your audience is important. With video it’s much easier to grab attention and keep it. Unlike a long article, videos can be watched passively, and information from a video is easy to comprehend/absorb. 

People mindlessly scroll through social media daily, only stopping for video content that is compelling and grabs attention right from the start. With so many brands competing for awareness, it’s super important to reach your audience, stand out, and grab their attention. 

Be sure to include a hook right from the beginning of your videos, keep them short and sweet, and leave people waiting for more!

Videos Can Be Repurposed For Reaching A New Audience

While making high quality videos that convert can be time consuming, once you have a solid piece of content, you can use it to reach a larger audience by dividing your video for multiple platforms. In other words… a larger reach = a larger return on investment.

Whether you’re taking a long form piece of content and dividing it into multiple videos for Facebook and Instagram, or reformatting one piece of content for both TikTok and Instagram Reels, each form of social media attracts a different audience, in turn, attracting more attention to your brand. 

By repurposing content you’ll find yourself with more time for content creation, a better understanding of your audience, and you’ll know which platforms to focus your attention on for future campaigns.

Overall, videos are easy to watch, can hold and capture people’s attention, help consumers connect with your business & brand, and will bring your message to life.