My 5 sources of design inspiration

You’re feeling creatively blocked and uninspired - what do you do? Here are 5 tips we use to find new inspiration for our designs.

No matter what kind of project you are working on, you always look for inspiration that will help you come up with creative and unique ideas for it. But sometimes you’re feeling creativity blocked and uninspired, just like me, so here are some ideas on where to look for inspiration for your next project – online and offline.

1. Pinterest

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about inspiration, Pinterest is an incredible place to look for all forms of inspiration. I love this social media platform and I think it’s a great place to get inspired and also really easy to use. You can create a board with designs that have inspired you and it’s also a great way to create a mood board.

2. Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for sharing pictures of you, your vacation, or the meal you had last night. It’s also a great resource for design inspiration. 

You can save pictures and videos you like to private collections, and follow your favorite designers for inspiration. I love to follow design agencies’ accounts from all over the world and get inspired by their work. It’s a chance to see designs from different cultures and different languages. Also, don’t just follow design-related accounts. Follow authors, bakers, bloggers, and more. I follow people who are doing different things unrelated to graphic design to be exposed to even more things that I can be inspired by. 

3. Supermarkets

My favorite place to look for inspiration, when I feel overwhelmed by online sources,  is a short trip to a grocery store. Looking at packaging and signage designs will usually get me going on new ideas. I especially like going to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. The variety of different and unique food packaging designs in those stores is amazing. Plus it’s an awesome place to go and look around and get inspired for your next project.

4. Go for a walk

When I feel like I need a break from my computer I go on walks to clear my head. After all, we all need to step away from the blue light of our screens once in a while. I find inspiration everywhere from street signs, bus stop ads, nature, architecture and even the people on the street. 

5. Public Library

Another place I like to go to clear my head is the library or a bookstore like Barnes and Nobles. Checking book cover designs that are meant to capture your attention in seconds is a great source for creative inspiration for ads.. It’s different from searching for inspiration online and also you can get inspiration in other departments in the store like cooking books, magazines or even kids books! I can spend hours there only looking at book covers alone.

I hope I gave you some new ideas, and you try one of these places next time you feel your creativity blocked!