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For more than 70 years, the law firm of Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, P.C.

has been providing its clients with a broad range of quality legal services in

New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.


The law offices of Mattleman, Weinroth, and Miller, P.C. have served clients in the tri-state area for over 70 years and needed to modernize their outreach to win new clients. The firm previously attempted to run a Google Ad campaign to generate more leads through its new website, but their efforts resulted in wasted ad spend and essentially no leads. MW&M needed to figure out how to not only reach new clients but to convert them. 

Digital Advertising | Creative Development | Website Design | Landing Page Creation


At Argyle, we believe that you should first fix the house before you try to sell it. After all, what good is an exceptional ad if the rest of the client’s experience is subpar? That is why we worked to optimize MW&M’s Google My Business account, Google Ads account, Landing Pages, and Forms to ensure that the captured attention converted into real leads – and not wasted spend. 

Next, Argyle deep dove into MWM’s data and found the optimal consumer to target for their new digital marketing campaigns – individuals who suffered a car accident. We proceeded to craft new creative, copy, and create new Google Ads which enabled positive Return on Investment for the firm at lower than industry average costs.

-Lowered CPC below industry average

-Reduced account overspend


  • Ads appeared over 95% of the time in the top 2 ad positions 
  • Reduced Cost-Per-Click lower than industry averages
  • Improved website performance and grew brand recognition
  • Outperformed ads of larger national firms – like Lundy Law
  • Incrementally increased leads quantity with a decrease in unqualified leads 
  • Optimized google ads and analytics accounts for future campaigns growth
  • Client reported lead calls and form submissions submitted digitally – a first for MW&M

Happy Client

“Argyle is simply amazing. I have been working with them for a number of years and they always have my best interests at heart.”  – Gabriel DiLeonardo, Mattleman Weinroth & Miller Attorneys at Law