Marketing tech stack for lawyers

We spoke with our team of experts to create a brief list of their favorite apps and tech to use for law firm marketing.

The power of a great legal software stack is that it can be customized to the unique needs of your legal practice.

With a little bit of upfront effort and planning, you can put these amazing tools to use and save countless hours of upkeep and headaches. The following are just some of Argyle’s favorites and best software stacks for law firm marketing:

Advertising channels for law firms

Social Media Ads – Facebook 

Tracking and targeting isn’t what it used to be – you may have heard that about Facebook and a bunch of other social media platforms. And it’s true. But when you are talking general awareness and driving traffic to a recently created video or blog, these platforms still perform best.

If your law firm has the minimum monthly entree budget of $15,000 and a video forward strategy, we might even suggest TikTok!

Google Ads

Law-related keywords are expensive but there is no better way to reach a prospect in their consideration phase than where they search for a service – Google. Some legal fields have severe restrictions – like bankruptcy and personal injury – but with the right strategy and investment, you could see your leads grow by as high as 97% – like our clients have!

SEO for lawyers – SEMRush is our go-to


People search differently in every market, but the steps in SEO setup are the same. The higher the volume, the more website visits, calls, leads and ultimately (assuming you have a well set up intake system) more signed cases.

From finding keywords and referring domains to content ideas and ranking analysis. SEMRush is a great tool to discern where your law firm stands in search. We often set an account up for our law clients to be able to see the same data and rankings we are pulling from. 

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Email marketing apps that work for lawyers


With a name like “MailChimp,” you’d think this tool could not possibly be a serious solution for a company like yours. But there’s no monkey business happening here. From email flow buildout to user profiles – MailChimp is one of the most advanced solutions on the market.

Law firms will find particular value in being able to tailor their content to the interests of their clients as well as being able to engage their audience from nearly any web app or social media site! Plus, when you invest in setting up this tool correctly in the beginning then much of what you can do with it can be automated – leaving you and your marketing team more time to pursue client cases.


Looking for something slightly less decked out and in turn less costly? MalierLite can do the job! While it focuses more on email follows and landing pages rather than a full email to print and ad channel management system like MailChimp, it’s got the basic tools needed to set up your email flows and even has automation capabilities!

Zapier ties it all together through automation


So Zapier is not an email marketing platform, but as you may have gotten the gist from above – we love making life a little bit easier through automations. That’s where Zapier comes in. It’s the connector that we recommend using for creating those hundreds of commands from “send follow up emails to new leads in this order” to “onboard client by sending them this paperwork once they book an appointment.”

The only goal is to plug-in options that eliminate headaches and make your day-to-day workflows headache-free and make a real-world impact to your bottom line. If you have any questions about how to integrate these solutions or apply them within your firm, fill out a form!