Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship

The world demands Entrepreneurs.

Today’s global workforce demands initiative, independence, and innovation. 



After two years of operating, the Close School recognized a significant need for marketing services. As a new academic unit within an established university and a trailblazer in the education industry, Close School needed comprehensive communication and marketing strategy to establish a foothold in the mature industry of education and increase student enrollment. The Close School contracted Argyle as its communications team. But we saw an opportunity to establish the Close School as a thought leader in the entrepreneurship community.

Brand Development | Marketing Strategy | Public Relations

Website Design | Creative Development | Copywriting

Social Media Management | Advertising | Event Marketing



Initially, Argyle focused on creating a school brand that was Drexel standards-compliant,  yet attractive and futuristic – as entrepreneurship is. We redesigned the digital and physical foundations for the Close School by website, print materials, communications strategy, and connection to analytics data.

Argyle engaged in a full-scale communications strategy that included video production, event coverage, social media management, content creation, program promotions, email marketing, strategic partnerships, and more to develop the Close School’s thought leadership brand voice and build a lasting relationship between it and the entrepreneurship community. 

Argyle helped establish the marketing for initiatives including Startup Day (now an annual festival known as Startup Fest), as well as numerous other events/initiatives. Argyle also created The Starters’ Review – a monthly newsletter aimed student and alumni engagement – and helped grow subscriptions from inception. 

Additionally, Argyle leverages their storytelling and content creation to gain press coverage both locally and nationally for The Charles D. Close School to secure its breakthrough into the education industry as a disruptor. 

  •  Local and National coverage
  •  Covered by Forbes, USA Today, & more
  • Future forward branded – winning AACSB Accreditation
  • Branding and communication strategy helped improve school position in the Top 50 Rankings on Princeton Review



  • Established Close School’s authority as a thought leader in the entrepreneurship community and locally in Philadelphia.
  • Featured in Philadelphia Business Journal, Bloomberg, USA Today, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.
  • Grew Startup Fest into a multi-day annual festival with over 700 attendees. Performed similarly for other events.
  • Created a captivating brand that is easily moldable into new ventures and launched branded events as The Close School grows.
  • Supported student recruitment initiatives through branding, public relations, and advertising that have yielded now close to 5,000 students taught by The Close School.
  • Helped create a loyal fanbase that aided in school fundraising of $65,000+ during the pandemic.


Argyle became an integral part of the Close School’s communication team. Over the past 5 years, the Close School saw increased enrollment and major event attendance. Our initiatives refreshed the face and brand of the Close School, increased credibility, and established its authority as one of the nation’s leading entrepreneurial institutions. The Close School has re-signed with Argyle year after year as it’s agency of choice and considers us an extension and partner of the school.

Happy Client

Happy Client

“Argyle is not just a marketing firm, they are an extension of us. Simply remarkable work.”

– Donna De Carolis, Dean, The Charles D. Close School